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Climate and Soils


    1. Dickinson-Onarga-Ade Soil - occupies about 24% of the county. It is made up of an area near Manito, an area on both sides of Quiver Creek and extending to south of Havana, a third northeast and southwest of Teheran, a fourth near Kilbourne, and several small areas other places in the county.
    2. Plainfield-Bloomfield Soil occupies about 21% of the county. One is northwest of Forest City, a second is east of Route 97, and a third is southeast of Bath. A small area is southwest of Snicarte.
    3. Beaucoup-Tice-Darwin-Sawmill Soil occupies about 16% of the county. It consists of the nearly level bottom lands along the Illinois River, Sangamon River, and Salt Creek.
    4. Pittwood-Milroy Soil occupies about 11% of the county. It consists of two large areas, one in the center of the county and one in the western part, south of Havana.
    5. Ade-Sparta Soil occupies about 5% of the county. It is primarily in the southwestern part of the county and consists of nearly level areas intermingled with gently to strongly sloping ridges.
    6. Broadwell-Dickinson-Onarga Soil occupies about 7% of the county. It is in the eastern part of the county and extends from San Jose to about 7 miles southwest of Mason City.
    7. Tama-Ipava Soil occupies about 5% of the county. It is in the southeastern part of the county, south and east of Mason City with Luther about in its center.
    8. Harpster-Drummer Soil occupies about 4% of the county. It consists of one large area north and south of Route 136 near the junction of Route 29, two small areas south and east of Manito, and one small area along Route 10, north of Easton.
    9. Plano-Elburn-Thorp Soil occupies about 4% of the county. The main area is a long, narrow strip from southwest of Easton to the county line north of San Jose.
    10. Alvin-Lamont-Fayette Soil occupies about 3% of the county. It consists of a narrow upland area bordering the Sangamon River and Salt Creek bottom lands.


Annual Temperature:52.05F

Annual Sunshine: 57.6%

Annual Rainfall: 39.43 in.

Elevation: 424.40 ft above sea level.

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